As per reports, there is death news of Anita Dunn, who was a resident of Joplin. She was having affair with his owner. On the other hand, the owner of the house where she was living, Todd Greathouse is married and has two children. This murder was held in Heartland. Anita Dunn was a 61-year old woman who was living in the space of Todd and after some time they both started dating secretly. He had the fear if she told the truth to his wife, he will be exposed and his image can be destroyed. Further, he thought to kill her so no one will know.

Anita Dunn murder and obituary

Anita Dunn was born in Texas, in 1954. She once rented the house from Todd Greathouse and maybe their affair get started from that time but as told by his sister She was not having an affair with him, he just hiding something and he is lying. No other information has been revealed about her personal life. After getting the information, we will update you as soon as possible. His daughter Anna and Caylor are the daughter of Anita and in support of her, they also said that she is not that kind of person. She was passionate about her job as she was working at Freeman Hospital as a housekeeper and that was enough for her. She even doesn’t like to involve in such things.


As per the information, She was having affair with his landlord and they were dating each other, and when she tried to end this relationship, he started torturing her day by day. Then she tried to tell his wife about their relationship, but he tried to stop her and she didn’t stop so he planned to kill her and Todd killed her badly, he dispose of her body and throw the body in some small pound filled with water. Now he has been in the custody of the police and will get punishment.

Moreover, he gave the statement that he went to her to meet her and she refused to meet her and said that she will tell her wife, and he begged him not to do that, After that he went to the washroom and she was there with the gun to threaten him, but he took the gun and shot her. Now the police are finding the main reason he killed her.


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