Police are still investigating the shot and killed case of a 16-years-old girl. Currently, few details have been released by the police in the shot and killed case of Angellyh Yambo. According to the sources, a 17-years-old man has been arrested after allegedly opening fire on the street corner following a killing. Well, the reports say that she was killed by a stray bullet and the incident took place on Friday in the Bronx and the weapon was involved said police. Currently, the voice of justice has been growing louder in the Bronx, where three teenagers including Angellyh Yambo were shot near their school.

angellyh yambo

A 17-years-old suspected gunman has been arrested by the police being charged as an adult. While Jeremiah Ryan appeared in the court on Monday, amid a call to increase the number of safety agents working at schools. After the incident took place, 911 was called around 01:42 PM, said NYPD Deputy Commissioner Timothy McCormack during a news conference on Friday, April 8, 2022. He also provided the report of the shooting and who was shot. He added that the suspect was standing on the southeast corner of 156th Street and St. Ann Avenue and “gesturing to someone” on the opposite southwest side.

Who Was Angellyh Yambo?

He continued his gestures with someone else and the suspect took put his gun and opened fire west, the report says. Well, the victim has been identified in which two 16-years-old women and a 17-years-old man were walking on the Southside of 156th Street when they were all shot. Angellyh Yambo, 16, was shot in her chest, and later, she was rushed to the nearby hospital. When Yambo was taken to the hospital, she was pronounced dead at 02:14 PM.

Another side, the other female victim was shot in the shin and the male was shot in the buttocks. Well, the name of those has not been released yet. After the investigation, NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell announced on Saturday, April 9, 2022, that a 17-years-old suspect, Jeremiah Ryan had been taken into custody in the connection to this case.

Now, he was arrested in murder, attempted murder, and unlawful possession of holding a weapon. Let us tell you that Angellyh Yambo was a bright student at the college preparatory charter High School as a freshman. Another side, two other victims haven’t appeared in the same school. The entire school and many known people paid tributes to them and expressed their deep condolence.


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