A tragic case of murder-suicide has started taking rounds on the internet. The case was actually very disturbing as an off-duty Illinois state trooper shot his wife and then himself in a car in Chicago. The bodies of the couple has been found on Monday 24th January 2022.

Antonio Killed his Wife Amanda Calo

When the police arrived at the spot, they identified the male body and claimed that he was an off-duty Illinois State Police trooper. They also said that the name is Antonio Alvarez who was 30 years old at the time of his death. On the other hand, the police then found that the woman inside the car was the wife of Antonio, Amanda Calo.

Who Was Amanda Calo?

Let us also tell you that both bodies were found in a parked car just a few blocks away from the Indiana state line. The official reports also claimed that they both left their two children behind of which one is 1-year-old and another is 4-year-old.

Let us also tell you that Tammy Duckworth of Illinois presented a ruling in Congress that would help the relatives of officials who passed by suicide, but sadly, it may be too little and too late for people like Alvarez.

There are several officials reported shared by the department in which it is stated that the police officer first shot his wife in the head and then took his own life. The incident has happened in a private car park in the 11000 block of South Avenue E. Police declined to provide further information about Alvarez to confirm his identity and noted that he served for 3 years with the Illinois State Police.

Woman Found Shot Dead With Illinois State Trooper

Another official statement by The Chicago Teachers Union stated that Calo was a Pre-K teacher at Matthew Gallistel Language Academy. Later, the union also stated that it is unclear when she married Alvarez and give birth to two children.

Their family and friends created a GoFundMe page for the two children named Mayla, 1, and Eli, 4. The page stated “If you knew Amanda, you knew she was an absolute joy to be around. Her smile was infectious and her unmistakable laugh radiated in every room she walked into.

Every dollar raised will directly support Myla and Eli’s education, health, and welfare. We hope this fund becomes a lasting tribute to a loving mother, daughter, sister, and friend”. Along with it, several people are looking forward to knowing the reason behind Antonio killed his wife Amanda Calo and then himself.


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