It is saddened to announce the passing of the veteran Nigerian actress and film producer Queen Afolashade Oluwari. Yes, the beloved actress sadly passed away and since morning her death news has been capturing the headlines of local and international news.

Afolashade Oluweri Death

Since the news of her demise went viral on social media, fans are paying tribute to her and expressing their deep condolence to her. It is really heartbreaking news for the entire family and the community. The nation lost their beloved actress who has appeared in some popular movies.

Who Was Afolashade Oluweri?

If you are searching about her and want to know more about the legendary actress, keep reading this article because we will share some most important details regarding her career and personal life. The cause of her death is still unclear. Neither any page confirmed the cause of her death nor her family members.

A post on Facebook reads,” Nollywood actress Queen Afolashade Oluweri popular known as Oluweri died today. We learn she has been sick for quite a while now with stroke. May her soul rest peacefully”. Many posts can be seen on the internet who is paying tribute to her and expressed their deep condolence.

Well, the date of her death has not been confirmed yet but the rumors are believing that she died on February 28, 2022. Maybe, you must be searching about who confirmed the passing of the actress.

What Was Afolashade Oluweri Cause of Death?

So, let us tell you that one of the most noted actors, Filmmaker, Musician, and also the CEO of Saidi Balogun Productions, Saido Balogun took the support of social media where he shared the picture of the actress and wrote his pain. The actress died peacefully in her sleep last night at the UK.

Shade Akintaylor starred in some popular movies, Oluveri Mabo Oko where she got her nickname in the industry and then, appeared in several hit movie projects. Much information is not available on the Internet but fans are still searching about this and want to know each and every detail about her.

Saidi Balogun took the support of Instagram to share the passing news of the actress. The family did not speak anything related to the passing of the actress. The whole family is in deep shocked after learning this shocking news that broke them from inside. Stay tuned with us to know more updates.


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