Who Started The Blackout Challenge On Tiktok? Viral Trend Video Explained: What is Blackout Challenge? DO you have any information regarding the Blackout Challenge? Suddenly people started learning about the Blackout Challenge. Blackout Challenge is a trend that was started on TikTok where many TikTok content creators are eager to be plucked from obscurity and thrust into stardom by making a short clip on this trend. But there is another side to this news. This challenge came into the limelight when a 12 years old boy was induced into a coma after following this trend. This is the reason people are searching for Blackout Challenge and are eager to learn what is Blackout Challenge. If you also want to learn about Blackout Challenge then keep reading it and must read it till the end. Drag down the page for more details and updates. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

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What Is The Tiktok Blackout Challenge?

Archie Battersbee is the name of the boy who was diagnosed as brain-stem dead by the medical team in Whitechapel at the Royal London Hospital. According to the source, Archie Battersbee is the victim of the Blackout Challenge. Blackout Challenge is a kind of challenge in which TikTok content creators are resorting to increasingly daft stunts to arrest the attention of the public.  And in this latest challenge, a gauntlet was thrown down that boosts people to hyperventilate until they pass out, and all this for just likes and views on social media. Scroll down the page to learn what happened to Archie Battersbee.

Blackout Challenge TikTok Video

According to the report shared by DailyMail, Archie Battersbee who is a 12 years old boy from the UK had to be put in an induced coma for continuous 36 hours to prevent enduring damage after Archie Battersbee experienced severe needles and pins along with disorientation hours after doing the challenge. In performing this challenge there are several risks such as concussions from striking objects as they have to collapse to the ground.

Who Started The Blackout Challenge On Tiktok?

However, this is not the first time when any challenge went wrong with content creators. According to the news, three judges named Andrew McFarlane, Lord Justice Peter Jackson, and Lady Justice Kind heard the arguments last week and delivered a ruling on 25th July 2022 at the Court of Appeal in London. Judges said that doctors can lawfully stop the treatment of Archie Battersbee who suffered catastrophic brain damage 3 months ago. Stay connected with this web page for updates and details.


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