There are lots of rumors taking place on the internet in which people talk about some big celebrities and some other trending topics. Recently, Zendaya, a big-name female star gracing the MCU Spider-Man film series, has become the talk of the town.

Zendaya is pregnant

There are numerous netizens claiming that she is pregnant but the rumors are fake and she is not pregnant. Many people are actually talking about her pregnancy on famous social media platforms. The relationship between Tom Holland and Zendaya has created a sensation all over the internet.

Is Zendaya Really Pregnant?

As all of us know the lead roles of MCU’s Spider-Man are rumored to be together during the shooting of the movie. But, the relationship between them is not confirmed by any of the celebrities. Zendaya is a very beautiful actress who come to the next level of prominence after she got the lead role of MJ in MCU’s Spider-Man movie series.

Now, she become the very bright star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only this, but her number of followers and popularity continuously increased after she shows her best acting skills in movies with MCU.

Talking about the rumors it has been started circulating on social media after Tom Holland revealed in an interview that he couldn’t wait to be a father. However, according to people close to the actress, Zendaya is not willing to begin a family and is thoroughly focused on her career.

So far, the rumors are considered to be fake but the news went viral because of a TikTok video. The TikTok video claimed that the beautiful actress is married and ready to give birth to her first child in 2022. Later, a chain has been created and many people start talking about Zendaya’s pregnancy.

Who is Zendaya Wiki-Bio Age Instagram

Not only this but different users on the video-sharing platform start creating their own videos and sharing some pictures of Zendaya in which her baby bump appears. Now, the rumors surfaced all over the internet and millions of people are talking about Zendaya and Tom Holland.

So far, the rumors are fake and there are no official reports come to the fore in which it has been claimed that Zendaya is pregnant. Many people share their tweets on the internet in which they are just talking about the pregnancy of Zendaya. Let us clear to you that the rumors are fake and not confirmed by any official source.


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