Recently a video has come on social media that a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protester getting Punched by Police officers because he had tried to intervene in the arrest of another demonstrator. The BLM protestor was identified as Vuestro Merced who had not been struck by Seth Taylor of the Wilkinsburg Police Department. But he had been arrested at a rally in Pittsburgh. Reportedly, Merced, along with many others, was marching to demand justice for Jim Rogers, who died after being tased some times by cops in October 2021. This news went viral on the web. And many people are curious to know about the matte. Here we have more information related to the news and we will share it with you in this article, so let’s start the article.

Who is Vuestro Merced?

The video clip of the incident that had occurred on 16th April 2022, Saturday. The video has been shared online and the video shows the police are trying to detain a lady named Victroyain Lynn Townes. But she seemingly argued and behaved belligerently opposed to officers before being eventually arrested. So while officers were trying to arrest Townes, Merced reportedly came in between and pushed toward them, which angered officer Taylor, then hit him because a woman recording the incident could be heard yelling at the cops, “This is what people do to fight for black people and this is what these pigs do in the street.” You are on the right page for getting the right information about the news.

Who is Vuestro Merced?

Do Americans still trust the BLM movement? Faith in Protests dips by 10% because law enforcement regains trust: poll. BLM Protesters clash with police as thousands gather outside White House threatens to stay for weeks if Trump wins. Although, Merced, as well as Towne, had released soon as a Twitter user @MiracleEsq  on social media. “They are out and safe with the group. You can support them via cash app at $kiskeyancougar,” the tweet read. It is not clear if they face any charges.

There has been not much information available about Merced. But the post-millennials redactor at large Andy Ngo in a Tweet shared that he is “an exercise instructor.” Ngo also declared more information on Towne as he tweeted, “She had been arrested over a racist #BLM attack in a restaurant in 2020 where she had charged w/rioting, making terroristic threats, assault & more.” Stay tuned for more updates.


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