The news came from Russia, that a Russian teacher fired her name is Viktoria Kashirina. She was working as a literature teacher. she was the favorite teacher of her students. Her students are between the ages of 11 to 12 years old. she is a good teacher.

Viktoria Kashirina fired (russian teacher)

students love her and her teaching way. she becomes a teacher for the school during the coronavirus pandemic. But she is trapped in a serious matter and she is fired because of this. We will give you all information and we will tell you the whole matter in this blog

Who Is Viktoria Kashirina?

Kashirina undressed in front of a mirror, seen in the Instagram video. Titillating and provocative poses by Karhirina. until she was in her lingerie. However, she said that it was an artistic project and she was doing it as her job. The parents of the school’s and students requested teh school’s authority to remove her from her teaching job.

parents don’t want to see her as a teacher. she criticized for posting the racy video by some people. Many people are upset to listen to her fired news. Many people are saying this is not good for students if she will work in the school as a teacher Because teachers influence students for good things. If teachers will do these types of things then what they will teach to students.

Victoria Kashirina was working as a teacher in the school but as we told you she was fired by the school administration because of her viral video. If we talk about her personal detail Viktoria’s age is 23 years old.

Russian Teacher Fired After Racy Strip Tease Video Goes Viral

Viktoria Kashirina graduated from college recently, there is no information about the college name. She has been working as a pole dancer for many years. she didn’t find her work and she didn’t hide anything.

Viktoria Kashirina is no longer active on Instagram. She used to post attractive dance videos on social media platforms. One of her students found a video on her Instagram account and showed it to their mother. Kashirina’s video was not meant for the students. In the clip, her pole dance was not seen. It was a very racy video for young children.

After all the matter Viktoria said in the interview, that was an unfair decision. She said they should not fire me. Kashirina is hoping that the school to pay her compensation, and the school will not do this, she will take a strict decision and she will case against to school in court. She will fight legally. If we get any update regarding this. we will inform you first.


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