A school principal has been arrested from Arizona after he was found in inappropriate relations with two younger and more. According to the sources, Victor Zamora, who is a principal of the Legacy Academy in Mesa has been arrested by police on Thursday, July 22, 2021, under 15 charges over him, and currently, he is holding on the bond of a million-dollar.

Who is Victor Zamora

Who is Victor Zamora?

The allegation against Zamora stems back to 2019 but the police thought that some more victims could come forward as the investigations still continue to build a strong case. Many cases have been found in the past that had a connection with schools and their students.

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Before some time, a report came out that a lawsuit has been registered against Evelina Medina and the school principal who forced her to take some private pictures of her. While another news came out that Melissa Carter from Florida was sentenced for beating a six-year-old child in a video. In the month of May, a senior teacher Vickie Frederick was arrested after it was found that he forced some students to show their sexuality in the name of exorcism rituals.

School Principal From Arizona Arrest For $exual Relation Minors

The allegations have been held against Zamora. As per the investigation, he was involved in the relationship with two minor who was not even at his school but another was one of his students. Now, the investigation over this case is underway and they are locating the victims as they believe that Zamora had some other physical relations with others.

As per the documents, only a few details are available about Zamora. Victor Zamora has a nationality of Mexico and is currently, living in the US on a border crossing card. The prosecutors have a fear that he might be run away on the card and therefore, he will not be released on bond. Well, his Visa was expired in 2019 and that’s mean that he is currently living in the state illegally.

It is not clear that how did he get the job even the B 2 Visa is issued only for visiting family, travel, and treatment and it is not available for permanent residency or employment in the country.

The documents of Zamora say that he was unemployed from July 27 and it was revealed that the school fired him. The identity of Zamora was not shown the identity or any other profile. On the website, it was showing any other principal, not Victor Zamora. While the school did not respond to it when police went to arrest him.

He is not available on a social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so, we couldn’t find the details of Zamora. There is one account on Facebook but it was not in use for a long time.


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