Here we are sharing a piece of sad and shocking news with you. A boy has been killed when he rushed to alert old neighbors of a Russian strike. A boy was known as Viacheslav Yalyshev 14 years old boy from Ukrainian. He was warned of an impending attack on the port city of Odesa through an app on his phone. His first instinct was not to defend himself but to run around his neighborhood, which is home to many older people who do not have personal smartphones, ensuring those who needed help can be taken to safety. Here we have more information about the news and we will share it with you. So let’s continue the article.

who is viacheslav

His dad Yevhen Yalyshev a member of the Ukrainian Air Force and a veteran of the 2014 conflict in eastern Ukraine, has paid tributes to his son on social media platforms for his selfless act.”You are my hero, you are the hero of Ukraine,” he has written. Mr. Yalyshev said Viacheslav was worried that his neighbors did not have the proper apps installed on their phones that warn users of incoming strikes.

Who Is Viacheslav Yalyshev?

Friends of the family mentioned Viacheslav as a bright and studious boy, who said still he was doing very well at school nevertheless the two-month war with Russia. One of the boy’s neighbors informed local news: “He was a very good, kind, and sympathetic boy. Very capable, sincere. I have no words. He studied diligently and often did his homework in his basement when there were bombings.”

many people on social media are paying their condolences to the boy’s family and they are hailing him as a hero of Ukraine. One social media user has commented that ” “At the cost of his own life, he defend the lives of innocent people because he, himself, did not have time to reach the bomb shelter and came under enemy fire. No, he is not a soldier,  but a hero was A brave young boy who saved many lives at the cost of his own in Odessa while an airstrike.

Vyacheslav 14 years old, you are a hero and you will never be forgotten brother. R.I.P. little fella,” wrote another person. Viacheslav was understood to have been killed after being hit by falling debris when two rockets struck a nearby building and church roof. Here we have shared all the information with we had. So stay tuned for more updates.


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