Who Is Valiant Thor? Pentagon Alien Story Real Or Fake Explained: Do you know about the theory of Valiant Thor or do you aware of Valiant Thor’s landing on Earth? There are several theories that are still revolving around the internet and creating perplexion among people. Valiant Thor is a supposed extraterrestrial personality and it has been said that Valiant Thor made a landing outside the capital of Washington DC back in 1957. Moreover, the Valiant Thor also allegedly demanded to talk with President Eisenhower. You might be getting difficulties accepting this fact but this is the story that is being believed by many people. Stick with this page and keep reading about Valiant Thor. We have written so much about this headline in this column. Kindly scroll down and must follow the article till it’s not ended. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Valiant Thor

Who Is Valiant Thor?

Valiant Thor reportedly also worked with the government leaders and scientists inside the Pentagon for as many as three years and he also resided there. This is a story of a Venusian messenger to the Pentagon. It is being said that the Valiant Thor met with the President of the USA after arriving in Alexandria where he discussed and talked about the problems that the world was facing and the upcoming threats to the Earth. Moreover, the Valiant Thor also offered suggestions and advised the President on how to resolve and address the threats. As per the source, the Valiant Thor also warned the president and said that Earth was under a threat and they should maintain a war stance on a global scale.

Further, the Valiant Thor also said that most of the planets in the universe help other planets in this manner to how his race of people dwelt and lived underground. As per the source, Valiant Thor also talked about the extraterrestrial waves that would arrive on this planet to help in resolving the intractable problems. Valiant Thor also announced that many people from other planets would send help. Kindly scroll down the page for more details on this topic.

As per the reports, Valiant Thor spent as many as three years on Earth while residing in Washington, DC when he was on his enigmatic mission prior to dematerializing in 1960 and returning to his planet. Now photos from that event are going viral. That’s all for now about Valiant Thor. Stay tuned to this page for more details and information.


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