FBI has arrested the man who was claiming himself “incel” and was charged by the FBI. According to the reports, the man was identified as Tres Genco who was indicted by the grand federal jury of Ohio on 21st July 2021, says reports. He was charged for allegedly attempting to hate women and planning to the mass shooting in the girl’s college of Ohio University, as per the documents. As per the reports, the shocking news came out when Genco was planning to shot more than 3,000 girls and also, wrote his plans to program. He was arrested this Wednesday, said prosecutors of the US.

Who is Tres Genco wiki-bio

Who is Tres Genco?

Well, it is not shocking news of this year or any kind of new case of incel or involuntary impotence that was caught in 2021. According to the previous records, a man named Malik Sanchez was also arrested in Manhattan for threatening the people at a restaurant after wearing a detonated kind of bomb on April 15. Before that, another Canadian man Alek Minassian was also arrested for 10 murders and also, attempting 16 murders in Toronto and later, he was arrested on March 3. Currently, the situation related to the incel is increasing in many countries and because of this, women are not safe and continuously facing dangers every day.

Also, a video came out where a girl recorded a Tiktok video of her make classmates where they were discussing a rape. In the police documents, it was found that Genco was filled with full of planning to execute his attack on girls which was bigger than Sanchez and Minassian. Let’s find out, who is Tres Genco and how did he plan to kill more than thousands of girls to move out his frustration.

Ohio incel, Attempting To Kill 3,000 Girls

Tresn Genco is a 21-years-old boy who is a resident of Hillsboro, Ohio and despite the information from Justice press, we got to know little about Genco. According to the sources, he also took a part in Army Basic Training in Georgia between August to December in 2019 but being removed from the entry-level performances. He also has an Instagram and Twitter account but he doesn’t use them too much. On his Instagram account, he has few pictures.

As per the Twitter information, he was graduated from Ohio University and also, had an interest in Computer Science. Also, his Twitter account was filled with lots of tweets related to Computer Science. Along with this, the Facebook account Genco says that he is mainly from Santa Cruz, California. Currently, he was living in Chillicothe, and then, he started to take his study at Ohio University in 2021.

The FBI reports say that he was arrested to make plans to kill more than 3,000 girls in a mass shooting and continuously, he was searching for this on the Internet. Maybe, he was inspired by Elliot Rodger who killed six people in a heavy-range shooting at the University of California. He killed a group of college with using the water gun where he filled orange juice. While the documents say that he wants to repeat this but in a large scale.


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