The popular fame from different industries is going viral on social media related to a similar reason. DK Metcalf, an NFL champion and OnlyFans model Tori Lynn has become a topic of discussion since the morning after their names are going viral all over the Internet. As per the sources, after some shocking comments of OnlyFans model Tori Lynn, DK Metcalf is trending on social media.

dk metcalf

Maybe, most people don’t know about the recent trending name and why they both went viral on social media? Well, the OnlyFans model is not happy with Seahawks star DK Metcalf. Now, we are going to share all the recent updates regarding the situation.

Who Is Tori Lynn?

DK Metcalf has come again on the headlines but this time, he was surrounded for something not so pleasing. As per the sources, Tori raised her voice and said that the receiver from Seattle Seahawks approached her when he was planning a “foursome” at his address.

Along with this, Tori Lynn shared a screenshot of the conversation she had with DK. Since the screenshots went viral on social media, many netizens starts trolling Metcalf, and later, the name started trending on social media.

Wild Claims By Tori Lynn About DK Metcalf

As we can see online that OnlyFans model made this allegation on Snapchat that was captured by Egotastic Sports and later, it was shared on their official Instagram account. In the viral video, Tori revealed that DK wanted to have a Foursome. The text reads,” How is an NFL player going to do me so dirty, not have me sign any disclosure form and trust that I am not going to leak his address on social media when he doesn’t have any security”.

Later, she said that DK called her on phone and asks her to go to Seattle so, they could hang out but later, he changed his mind. Maybe, she was close to his house when he asks her to go back.

DK Was Tring To Have Foursome With Tori Lynn

On the same day, Tori revealed and shared some screenshots that show the conversation she had with Metcalf. The conversation shows that she was asked to leave and will be back towards his house around 1 AM because he wanted to play foursome.

The message reads,” I was calling you to turn around. I was trying to call these other girls for foursome”. In another screenshot shared by Egotastic, Sports shows a request sent by DK Metcalf to Tori on Snapchat but the request was held to accept.


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