Social media is a place where anyone gets in trend because just because of a few things. A YouTuber whose color is black has to get viral over social media suddenly. Currently, he is the most hated man on social media and people are curious to know that why there is such a reaction from netizens. He was also criticized in the past for his videos degrading Black women. So here is the complete information that you should know about it.

Who is Tommy Sotomayor

According to the details, his name is Tommy Sotomayor and he is 46 years old. Sotomayor is a YouTuber and has good popularity around the world.  Nowadays, he is calling himself the ‘King of Controversy’ and the most hated man on social media. On November 28, 2021, he hosted on Twitter and talk about several things related to him.

Who is Tommy Sotomayor?

It’s worth noting that Sotomayor has come under fire for his allegedly racist and homophobic videos on YouTube, with nearly 14,000 people signing a petition asking for his content to be permanently removed from YouTube.

“Tommy Sotomayor is a career grifter who does not need a conversation/talking to. He needs to be permanently banned off this platform. My LGBT community, please do not waste your precious energy and resources on this man. He needs to be de-platformed,” a comment read.

He has shared many things in this live and for this special live he invited his fans and people who know him. Now talking about personal information then we want to tell you that he was born on December 11, 1975, in Atlanta, Georgia. Discussing his career then in this matter we want to tell you that he is a radio and internet talk show host, YouTube personality, conservative political commentator, men’s rights activist and film producer.

In the past few years, he appeared on the internet with many controversies and it is surprising for every person. Definitely, it is rare and most probably because of this he calls himself the most hated man on social media.


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