Who Is Tobias Suckfuell? Simone Strobel Boyfriend Arrested For Murder: Finally, the murder case of a German backpacker named Simone Strobe registered a lead after 15 years. According to the source, the police officer arrested the former boyfriend of Simone Strobe recently and charged him with a first-degree murder charge for killing Simone Strobe. According to the source, Simone Strobe was killed in NSW many years ago. Since then this case was pending and about to get any lead and now police have made an arrest after investigating for years. Reportedly, the former boyfriend of German backpacker Simone Strobe named Tobias Moran got arrested in Western Australia for allegedly murdering Simone Strobe. We have explored this story in the further placed sections of this article. Kindly drag down the page for more details. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Tobias Suckfuell

Who Is Tobias Suckfuell?

German backpacker Simone Strobe was last seen on 11th Feb 2005 at the Lismore Tourist Caravan Park near the north coast after partying with her boyfriend Tobias Moran and some other friends. This was the last time when Simone Strobe was spotted alive. After this, she was found dead 100m away under palm fonds at a sports field. According to the source, the victim was a schoolteacher and she was in a relationship with Tobias Moran. Her body was found six days after going missing on 11th Feb 2005. Scroll down the page and learn more about this news.

Tobias Suckfuell Arrested

Reportedly, Simone Strobe’s boyfriend has changed his name and he always tried to maintain his innocence in the murder case of Simone Strobe. Once he was also alleged for killing Ms. Strobel. Still, a state Coroner named Paul McMahon ruled out the allegations due to the lack of availability of evidence to charge him for killing Simone Strobe. Since then detectives have been investigating the case and observing every small and single lead to catch the perpetrator. In addition, in October 2020 the NSW government declared that the informer would be rewarded with $1 million if his information helped in the arrest and conviction of the suspect for Simone Strobe’s murder.

Why was Tobias Suckfuell Arrested

Recently the officers of NSW got informed about the suspect who was in WA and local authorities arrested the 42 years old man on Tuesday. The Perth Magistrates Court also granted the NSW detectives to extradite him. It is being reported that Mr. Moran will be held in NSW. Moreover, a video of Mr. Moran’s arrest is making rounds on social media. The officer who arrested Mr. Moran is identified as Detective Cameron Blaine.

A name is getting viral on the web and creating news about the news, Simone Monika Strobel was a 25-year-old German Kindergarten teacher and traveler. She disappeared in 2005, and a  few days after registering a missing report, her body was found at a  sports complex in Lismore. This news is getting viral on the web and getting the attention of the people. People are curious to know about the news and they want to know about the whole matter. People are hitting the search engine to gain all the details about the news. We will try to cover all the details of the news.

According to the reports, The detectives discovered enough evidence until 2007 but could not apprehend the killer. The NSW government had created a Strike Force and also chance a USD 1 million reward in 2020 to solve the mysterious case. After 15 years of inquiry, the ex-boyfriend of Strobel Tobias Suckfuell has been apprehended by the police in Western Australia. He is ready to be taken out to New South Wales. Several things remain to tell you about the news, which we will tell you about the news.

Simone Strobel Boyfriend- Who Is Tobias Suckfuell?

Tobias Friedrich Moran was onetime known as Tobias Suckfuell. He is a native of Australia and he is 42 years old. On 11, February 2005, Suckfuell and Strobel were on a night out with friends. He toured with Simone Strobel at the Lismore Tourist Caravan Park. Six days later, Suckfulle’s bare body was searched in a sports complex fewer than 100 meters from the bivouac. On the basis of the forensic examinations, Strobel asphyxiated with a pillow or plastic bag. Moran had no previous known convictions. Nevertheless, the cops already suspected he was the murderer as he refused to return to Australia to give evidence to someone’s investigation. Scroll down the page to know more information about the news.

In 2007, police found insufficient and weak evidence and could not carry investigation. Strobel’s murder, which is mysterious murder was also the subject of the book “Have Seen Simone?” by Virginia Peters. Moran, however, injected the book to prevent its publication. He charged Peters and Schwarz Publishing for defamation, the lawful was dropped in 2017. We have tried our best to search for the news and use the best sources to describe the news. If we get other details we will tell you first at the same site. Stay tuned for more updates.


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