Today, we are going to talk about a mysterious case that happened back on 9th October 1983. Timothy Wayne Coggins was brutally murdered three decades ago with multiple injuries. Still, people are constantly searching for who is going to kill him.

Who Is Timothy Wayne Coggins

After his murder case come to the fore, he become headlines for several years. But, the police understand some key points or the entire case after a complete decade of in-depth search. So far, the police are pointing to some such suspects, who had suspected his murder, but the reason behind this murder is not yet clear.

Who Is Timothy Wayne Coggins?

Talking about his personal life, he was one of the black officers of the county at that time. Let us also tell you that in his time very few black officers were available in the field of police. Not only this, but he was a very good friend of Jesse Gates, a former Spalding County Sheriff’s deputy.

Normally, sources claimed that he was a local man from Georgia who is not available on Wikipedia so far. Talking about the day of his unfortunate death, he was 23 years old at the time of death. Now, it is actually very disturbing for all the people to hear about his unfortunate death.

If we talk about his love life, he was dating a white woman before he died but the police also investigated the case from his relationship aspect. Later, there is no connection found between his girlfriend and the murder case. Let us also tell you that five people were arrested for killing him but the case was solved in the year 2017.

Murder Mystery and Injuries Explained

Then, the search of the killer went cold and then the case reopened for further findings. However, it was disclosed that Frankie Gebhardt, Bill Moore Sr, Sandra Bunn, Lamar Bunn, Gregory Huffman were the main accused who killed him.

It was meant that Huffman was a custody officer in the sheriff’s office. Sandra and Lamar Bunn operated for the Milner Police Department. Some reports claimed that Timothy Wayne Coggins and his friend Jesse Gates went to a dance club of the town named People’s Choice but, he never come back home again. Later, his dead body was found in an open area in Sunnyside, Georgia.

It was very challenging for the forensic team to identify the person as the killers brutally disfigured his face and also left several cross-cuts across his chest and back. We are here continuously finding some more details related to this matter and we will update here every single piece of information.


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