Today, a school fight video has gone viral on the internet and many people already shared it. A number of people are viewing this video and searching for it. The video was first posted on a Twitter account and it went viral on the platform. Currently, a number of people continuously searching for it to watch the full video.

who is tik_tok

Let us also tell you that the video has been posted by tik_tok13 in which two students indulge in a physical fight and they both fight with each other. The school students had massive beef, and they resolved it in a fight in the school hallway.

Who Is tik_tok13 on Twitter?

In the video, we can clearly see that both students threw slaps and punches at each other until other people separated them. Let us tell you that two Twitter users Wolfybreezy and Eric_perteet were the first to leak the fight video.

Wolfybreezy posted the video to Twitter on October 30, while Eric_perteet uploaded the video to various social media platforms. Let us also tell you that he got banned from Twitter soon after he posted this video and then he deleted the video from Twitter as well.

Later, another Twitter account tik_tok13 came into the headlines and posted the same video that become viral. Let us tell you that, within 21 hours of posting the ten-second clip, the video garnered over 179.1k views on his Twitter account. Currently, the identity of the user has not been revealed yet but we can assume that the owner of the Twitter account might be in their mid-20s.

Along with it, there is an Instagram page active under the username tik_tok13, but we don’t know if it’s the same person. The two accounts who first posted the video has deleted their videos from their accounts but the video gained immense popularity in a very short time.

In the video, two high school students clashed with each other. One student is seen beating another student with punches and slaps. The second student can be seen punching as the first student is still running with the punches. Later, an unknown person claimed that one person who indulged in the fight got stabbed in the lungs by the opponent but he still won the fight.

When we watched the full video, there is no injury appearing on anyone’s body but we are searching for some reputed details. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the trending topic.


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