Who Is Thomas Heayel? Teacher banned after offering to sell $ex photos and videos: This is another horrifying news that would bring shame in the name of the teachers as a school teacher has been banned after he was caught selling s3x and he had even posted his raunchy pictures on the social media platform. This has led to the teaching ban on the school teacher. The teacher is allegedly 31 years old. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Thomas Heayel

Who Is Thomas Heayel?

He was a teacher at the level of Primary School and his name is Thomas Heayel. He was teaching at the St. Columb Minor Academy which is located near Newquay Cornwall, UK. It was recently the subject of the Teaching Regulation Agency’s disciplinary hearing.

He was alleged to be involved in the posting of indecent content and allowed more than one image, message, and comment on the online platform that made him offer and sell various services related to s3x and it was in the same period. This was the decision made by the jury that was hearing his case.

Thomas Heayel Viral Photos

Thomas had been working at the school since 2019 and he joined the school on the 1st of September. His actions had led to his dismissal and he was dismissed in the summer that went by. The allegation had been admitted by him and he had accepted that his actions were not suited and are not expected of a teacher. Whatever he had done would only bring harm to the profession of teaching and harm their reputation.

The issue was first raised by the members who were in the local authorities on the 7th of July in 2021 and he was dismissed later on 23 July. Even though his actions were seen as inappropriate, it was also mentioned that his actions cannot be seen as extreme as they were at the lower end of the s3xual misconduct. There was also the mention that none of his students were able to see or access the explicit images that he shared online. Even though the picture was shared on a restricted website, it could be accessed by a generic search on google. The picture would contain the picture with his name as well. And any of his students would have accessed the content, even though, it would be involuntary.

Thomas Heayel leaked Videos

It was judged that his actions would surely harm the reputation of teachers and damage the perception that the public has of them because of Thomas’s actions. He has now been prohibited to teach in any other school or college. He will be able to apply for a probe, though, it will be in 2024 and there is a lot of time until then. In that proof, he must prove that he is fit to teach to the panel that regulates Teaching.


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