A woman named Thereese Soper has been sentenced to 15 months in prison by the Sheffield Crown Court. After that, the news becomes huge for the netizens as everyone just trying to find out the complete news. Let us tell you that the woman has been arrested for unlawful wounding another woman leaving her face with a lifelong scarred nose.

Thereese Soper

The incident took place some time back in 2020 but people still searching to know more information about this brawl. Now, if you are also looking on the internet to know some key details about this news then just stay on the same page.

Who is Thereese Soper?

The news of this incident took place in 2020 when the 29 years old Soper who is a single mother punched another woman in the face after they both began arguing inside Jacques Bar in Doncaster at around 10 PM on 11th January 2020. In the fight, Soper crosses her limits and kicks on the face of the woman with her stiletto heels.

After that, the victim got a horrific gash across her nose. Soper was told that she was dancing in an “extraordinary” way and “occupying a lot of the dance floor.” Soon after, Soper was arrested.

Let us also tell you that CCTV footage has been also discovered by the police officers and many people are eagerly waiting to know what will happen next. The sources claimed that the woman has been arrested and the case on the woman is going on.

It was not clear whether Soper lost her balance or pushed her victim, but it is clearly seen in CCTV footage that the women soon exchanged words. When they both fight with each other, another man has trying to keep them apart from each other. Soper could then be seen rising up and aggressively fisting her shoulder.

Moments later, the victim collapsed on the floor, while Soper continued to kick the victim in the face as she lay on the dance floor. There are several people continuously talking about the incident that happened back in 2020.

Now, if you want to know about the complete incident, we mentioned every detail in this article. Some sources claimed that the accused woman got 15 months of sentence and might be she is released now. There are no details available related to her release from prison. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to such topics.


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