The American reality television series is on its hype once again after premiering the new season this year. The amazing television series comes with the fantastic concept in which four or five couples compete with each other to renovate and give stylish look to their apartment/houses and sell them at the auction for the highest price.

Who Is The Block Danny Wallis

The show has gained massive popularity across the globe and everyone wants to watch this amazing show. The show has completed its 17 seasons and now, the 18th season is running on Nine Network. Most of the people want to watch a single episode and know the name of the winner of this season.

Who Is The Block Danny Wallis?

One person commanded auction day on The Block again this year, providing “certifiable” bids on several of the 2021 houses. During the auctions this year, the bid of Danny Wallis made for several jaw-dropping moments after the one year he bid on every single house in the 2020 season, after finishing with buying three of them.

His antics in the last year led host Scott Cam to declare that it was the most unbelievable day in Block history”. Does everyone want to know that who is Danny Wallis? the mysterious, deep-pocketed man who dashing out almost $12 m in one day on the history of The Block?

According to the Internet sources, Danny Wallis appeared on Fifi, Fey & Byron’s 101.9 The Fox Melbourne radio show after last year’s finale to discuss his weekend buying orgy. He was the man of few words, revealing that the thinking behind the jump of his near-millions dollar in his opening bid was “Just to have a bit of fun”. Along with this, Wallis also indicated that he didn’t inspect the three houses he bought.

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He also reveals that he just watches Sunday night on The Block and didn’t interact with other episodes of the series and he was hinting that he is not a big fan of the show. He revealed,” I don’t watch it too much, I find it a bit… yeah. I just like to watch the reveals”. The rich IT entrepreneur will be familiar with all the faces of Block as he bought the Mitch and Mark’s property in 2019 for $3.37 million taking a bid on all the five properties.

Not only this but he also bought George and Sarah’s house for $4 million and two thousand including Daniel and Jade’s for $3.8 million and Harry and Tash’s for $4 million in 2020. He gained massive popularity through his biding last year.


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