There is another news that has been hitting the internet in which an active shooter has been shot and killed near the Belmar Shopping Center. The investigation has begun and the police are searching if he died in the exchange of gunfire with police. Now, many people are searching to know the results and the truth behind the incident that happened in Belmar.

Who Is The Belmar Active Shooter

Let us also tell you that five people have been killed, and an officer was injured in the shooting. The incident that happened was actually the deadliest in which some people lost their lives and some were injured.

Who Is The Belmar Active Shooter?

Not only this, but the incident also rise the fear among the locals. After the incident, there are lots of people afraid of their safety. The incident for the locals was actually very disturbing as everyone is afraid because 5 people has lost their lives in the shooting.

As all of us know that the Christmas Eve is just ended up and the entire residence spending their week in fear just because of the encounter that took place in Belmar. According to John Romero of Lockwood Police, the man who opened fire near the Belmar Shopping Center was shot and killed.

However, the name and identity of the accused are not yet known. Talking about the shooting, it erupted across Denver and Lakewood. As per the authorities, there were four shooting scenes in the city of Denver.

Let us tell you that East First Avenue and North Broadway were other two places where shooting scenes appeared in which three individuals were shot in which two females were killed and one man got injured. The Lakewood shooting suspect has yet to be determined but is accepted to be dead. Police have not yet shared any information about the suspect.

The incident began when the police spotted the shooter near the Belmar area of Lakewood and then the police tried to stop him. Suddenly, gunfire exchanges took place in which 5 other people has lost their lives including the suspected shooter. Now, authorities also confirmed that one police officer was also injured in the shooting.

Many people continuously searching to know some more information related to the shooting that took place in Belmar. The Belmar active shooter was not arrested but was killed during the shooting. However, it is not clear whether a Lakewood officer shot the suspect.


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