Netizens have been wondering on social media to know more about some controversies and trending updates on the Internet and maybe, they have found something interesting on the social media and for the last two days, many social media users are searching for the news and want to know the truth behind the news.

who is sisa flatela kuku

As per the sources, a name has been wandering all over the Internet and everyone are excited to know about her. Yes, a girl named who is going viral as “Sisa Flatelu Kuku” on Twitter. Do you want to know more about her? Keep reading this article.

Who is Sisa Flatela Kuku?

According to the social media reports, Hashtag Kuku is going viral and still trending for 2 successive days in South Africa. Currently, the pictures of Sisa Flatelu Kuku are going viral all over the social media pages and everyone has a look over it.

Mzansi issues have taken a spicy move and this comes after a Twitter users deal with Sisa Flatela posted a picture of her honey pot which shortly became the spotlight on Twitter. Later, the personal photograph went viral with all of Mzansi that it was probably the most amazing Kuku that they had ever seen in their life. 

After the images went viral on social media, many Twitter people started to share these pictures with hashtags, and soon, the pictures gathered huge popularity among netizens. Most of the people are searching the images and want to know from where the picture started to go viral? Well, we don’t have many details about the picture leaks but people are excitedly searching for the images.

Sisa Flatela Kuku Leaked Video

As per the Internet reports, the images have been removed due to privacy issues. Many users of Twitter have been talking about this with few users stating that this is the cleanest picture they have watched. The trend started to raise from Friday and the people couldn’t stop themselves from publicizing the pictures and the owner. Along with this, the reports are sharing that more than 48K audience from South Africa has been involved in this trend in the last 24 hours.

Due to this weird trend, many people are taking support of Twitter to share these images and later, the images is going viral among all the netizens. Along with this, several memes are taking place and are involved in this trend rapidly. Many social media users are making their own memes to share with everyone which is also gathering more fan following.

Is Kuku Trend On Twitter?

Everyone knows that this is not the first time that something weird or unexpected things are going viral on the Internet and it seems that everyone wants to watch the leaked images. Well, many updates have not been provided by social media but as much as we gathered, we have shared with you in our above paragraphs. You can search the trends on Twitter and other social media platforms such as Instagram. Stay tuned for more updates.


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