A 40-years-old man has been arrested after allegedly firing some random shots at people and made a shopkeeper of his hostage on November 28, 2021, on the South Coast. The man has been charged and taken to custody by the police. According to the sources, the New South Wales Police arrested a masked man who fired a 1941 rifle into a home.

Who Is Simon Fleming, Arrested Wollongong Shooting

He took this action before taking two people as hostages during a siege incident. The incident took place at Windang on the South Coast on Sunday, November 28, 2021. South of Wollongong was shut off on Sunday after the people reported a masked man carrying two rifles and firing some shots.

Who Is Simon Fleming?

The accident took place at around 09:30 AM where the masked man clad in black fire on the main strip of Windan in Illawarra. Joseph Cassara, Assistant Commissioner said that the man took some shots at the passing vehicles and pedestrians as well. He entered in the shop and took a shopkeeper as a hostage.

Meanwhile, a police operation also took place. Later, the masked man has been identified as Simon Fleming who is 40-years-old. He was arrested and charged with multiple firearms offences. He also barricaded himself inside a shop.

The video was also posted on social media where the man was dressed up in black combat gear and the man can be easily seen holding a long weapon and crossing the road calmly. First, he was near the shops before he started to take several shots. The defence lawyer Oussama Elfawal did not apply for bail in Wollongong Local court for his client and definitely, the bail was refused by the court.

According to the police report, the masked man was carrying a 1941 bolt-action rifle and also had an unregistered replica automatic rifle. Police also claimed that the man used a WWII-Era weapon to fire round into a home nearby Mount Warrigal. Before contacting the police, the man detained two staff members of the dive shop.

When the police searched the Windang home, they found two unsecured firearms including five gel blasters, military knives, a police uniforms, and six replica handguns. Not only this but the police also found abuse images and videos of the 1600 children. Some of the videos have been posted on the Internet and it has been spread all over social media. Stay tuned for more updates regarding to the news.


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