Again we are back with another new name that getting much attention from the audience because of its unique talent. So, the ByteDance-owned platform has gotten more viral with each passing day and giving a huge hype to some people. Nowadays a name, Silk-Castellas Cartwright is picking its peak and engaging everyone to search for her.

Who is Silk-Castellas Cartwright

Everyone knows that TikTok is a very big platform that contains millions of users worldwide. Talking about the viral girl Silk, she is 21 years old. She is hailed from Australia turned to pottery after restrictions were imposed.

Who is Silk-Castellas Cartwright?

Speaking to FEMAIL, the Melbourne local announced that she had signed up for local pottery courses in 2020 when her trip plans came to an end. Talking about the statement of a famous TikTok star who has more than 5,00,000 followers on her TikTok account then she said “I make pieces that are modern and fun, and that can be used functionally but also as a piece of art on their own”. Later, she told that she planned to travel after completing her Arts Degree but ended up turning pottery because of quarantine.

After that, The Pottery Girl said “I planned to travel for the year after finishing my Arts degree, but found myself with a lot of spare time in and out of lockdowns”. When she completed her classes of pottery then she creates her TikTok account for fun. Now, she getting viral on the internet because of her extreme talent and mind-blowing perfection in pottery.

Many people follow her on the platform and support her for her outstanding talent and hard work. TikTok certainly knows how to keep the audience engaged with its content. Along with it, she also started selling her innovations on her website, under the name By Silk.

When her videos start picking the speed, she becomes inspired by modern art and sculptures to make her own designs. Now, she is getting much attention from the audience and her name is widely famous among millions of people. The number of her followers is very huge and everyone just loves her.

Most of her videos see her posing in front of her pottery wheel and making eclectic ceramic pieces. Her most-viewed videos have been viewed more than 20 million times. Now, her name is getting very popular among millions of users who love her talent and we are here available to update some more details related to the trending celebrities.


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