A popular British race car driver, David Coulthard has been engaging huge attention of the fans on social media. A 50-years-old former car racer known for his amazing career history in the world of racing. Now, the racer has become a controversy on social media after he ended his nine-year-old relationship with his wife and start dating to a 27-years-old Swedish model.

Who Is Sigrid Silversand

Well, the racer is currently in a relationship with a hot Swedish model and everyone is keen to know about her. The model’s bold images is going viral on social media and everyone is excited to know about her.

Who Is Sigrid Silversand?

Well, the legendary Racer David Coulthard has been separated from his Belgaing TV star wife Karen Minier after living more than seven years. The racer got married to Karen Minier in 2013. According to the sources, David is currently dating a Swedish hot model, Sigrid Silversand at a bash with pals Amanda Holden and Chris Hughes.

Along with this, the model is 23 years younger than the racer David Coulthard which means she is currently 23-years-old. Here are lots of things to know about the model as she has been capturing a huge attention of the audience around the world. Keep reading to get more updates.

As per the reports by Daily Mail, the F1 racer was spotted with the model Sigrid Silversand. The sources believes that the model is just 27 years old and David is 50-years-old. There is a 23 years of gap between them. They both spotted together outing in London.

Not only this but after separating from Belgian TV star Karen Minier, David was also seen kissing the model Sigrid and at that time, even he did not wear his wedding ring. David and his ex-wife married in Monaco in 2013. Karen Minier is a 48-years-old star. They both have a son together named Dayton who was born in 2008.

Sigrid Silversand Instagram and Age

Readers can find model Sigrid on social media. She is still active on her Instagram account and her username is @silversando. Currently, she has more than 6K followers on her account and have been engaging more. On her accounts, the model has lots of pictures with bikinis and even nudes photoshoots.

Now, the model is earning huge attention on social media because of her relationship with David Coulthard. There could be some chances that soon, it will become a controversy on social media. Stay tuned for more updates.


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