Who Is Shirley Nelson? Husband Ron Nelson Murder Suicide On Snapped: There are a lot of people that thought Ron and Shirley Nelson were a perfect couple and their married life couldn’t have been any better. They had been together for almost 30 years. However, what seemed like a perfect marriage was brought down in an instant after there was a shooting that had happened. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Shirley Nelson

Who Is Shirley Nelson?

Shirley had been born and raised in Pennsylvania. She was born in the year 1930. She was a very caring person and also loved animals. She was also fond of sports and loved to play many sports. This was all told by her granddaughter in an interview. Her first marriage was annulled and it was also the time when she was not able to conceive. Then she got married for the second time and had two stepsons, they had remained close to her heart throughout her life. However, the second marriage also ended in a divorce. But, she was able to get a romantic life at the end, when she was only 24 years old. At that time, she was able to meet Ronald Allen Nelson.

Even though there was a difference of almost 12 years between them, they were able to sync well together and had gotten married in the year 1967. She was always happy and used to stay well dressed. She was enjoying her life and Ron also enjoyed the atmosphere around her. After their marriage, Ron started to work for famous cartoonist Charles M. Schultz. Charles was also the creator of the comic ‘Peanuts’. As the managing director of Schulz, Ron had been overseeing the marketing campaigns that were worth multi-million dollars and he was also looking at the licensing deals. The couple had even moved to Santa Rosa after Ron had started working there. Ron was paid very handsomely which enabled the couple to enjoy their amazing vacations and dinners.

Where Is Shirley Nelson Today?

In the year 1995, the month of May was the month when they got to celebrate their 28th marriage anniversary. It was only a month later that the police received a call of a shooting at 1 Snoopy Place. It was the same place where the production office of Schulz was located. When the police arrived at the scene. They found Ron lying there and there were two spots where he was shot. When police asked Shirley what had happened, she replied and said that she had shot her husband.

There was a reason for the shooting, as mentioned by Charles. He said that Ron was having an affair with her secretary which had made her mad. In 1991, Shirley died of a stroke and it was at that point that their marriage was strained. She was reminded that the age difference did matter as she struggled to save her marriage as she noticed the change.


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