One of the most mysterious murder cases of Jimmy Casino took more than two decades to be solved. Now, the questions on the internet to search who killed him and why are appearing in a very heavy quantity. Jimmy had a rap sheet spanning three decades and owed Mafia of Mickey Mouse a lot of money.

Jimmy Casino Murder Case

As per the sources, it is said to be the main reason behind the attack on him and his girlfriend on 1st January 1987. Let us tell you that Casino was the proprietor of the Mustang Topless Theater in Santa Ana and he was 48 years old when he died.

Who Is Shelly Fisher?

The case of his murder becomes mysterious for everyone. He was attacked by two armed attackers who were masked. On the day when he was attacked, he was with his girlfriend who was 22 years old and they had just arrived at his Buena Park home. After attending a movie with Casino’s son Shane, they went out to rest for the night.

After that, the case become unsolved for many years and the authorities are continuously searching to find the clues. So far, the police department has not to get any hint related to the killers or attackers who attack both.

Let us also tell you that his real name was James Stockwell but he rebranded his name to Jimmy Casino. Not only this, but he owed a huge debt to lots of people. However, in 2008, a man driven by Richard C. Morris Jr. was arrested in Hawaii for drunken driving.

Where is Richard Morris?

Later, the police took DNA evidence from him and it was a good thing they did. Let us tell you that the DNA matched with the evidence collected in the Casino Murder and then the police arrested him in 2008 in Oahu. He was detained in Orange County in association with the shooting.

In this case, there were two people who attacked Jimmy but only one of them has been arrested named Morris. The name of Jimmy’s Girlfriend was Shelly Fisher and they both were attacked by two attackers.

First, the attackers carried Casino downstairs and tied up him. Later, they raped his girlfriend and the whole house was torn apart. They broke into the condo and stole jewelry, fur, credit cards, and two cars. Later, they shot Casino in the head three times. His girlfriend Shelly escaped from there and call 911 to inform about the incident.


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