Here we are sharing the big news with you. The young girl in these exclusive photographs is Sharon Stone, a superstar who rose to fame thanks to talent, beauty- and that notorious” leg-crossing scene in Basic Instinct. Today she remains rare in Hollywood. A woman who made a $50 million fortune from scratch. She remains in demand for film and television projects at the age of 64.  However, the story of her tumultuous childhood- especially her brother’s criminal career and its aftermath- is hardly known. Here we have more information related to the news and we will share it with you in this article, So let’s start the article.

Who is Sharon Stone's Brother

Sharon is 64 years old and she opened up about her ” cataclysmic ” rearing and how her elder brother Michel stone despite his good looks and charisma, became a Major Drug dealer and brought misery and the threat of violence to those around him. The “Basic Instinct” star was seen in four and a half hours of raw, uncensored footage, shown to The Mail on Sunday, Chiming in on her past and how it helped motivate her to stardom. At one point, she even faces her brother about his drug dealing and its “catastrophic consequences.”

Who is Sharon Stone’s Brother?

Sharon never spoke out about her childhood, which she deemed too private and too painful to be discussed in public. However, she and her brother felt it was the time the world knew their unique rags to riches story. She defined how the family was so poor that her mom had been given away to a dentist’s family aged nine ” so she could have a better life than she had to live in a terrible two-room shack. They had lived right on the tracks, you could reach out and touch the train.

Meanwhile their dad Joe worked in a ” tool and die ” factory passing his days in Sweltering conditions while casting steel car parts from Molten metal. Sharon recalled men in their asbestos suits, those helmets with flaps down over the shoulders and glass in front of the eyes lifting huge pots of fiery ore. A liquid that made me feel like I was seeing into hell.

The Stone siblings were no choice but to work hard and make a decent life for themselves.”It was a bizarrely strict family,” Sharon remembered. “The boundaries were really strict and the punishments were severe.” Sharon and Michael have two more siblings — brother Patrick, now 55 years old, and sister Kelly, 50 years old- and they were “all expected to work,” Michael said. “I had a paper round. Sharon and I had to earn our keep from a very young age,” he explained. Michel told he would bring Sheron along on his round, even making her a small muslin bad that carried just one newspaper.  Stay tuned for more updates.


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