Who Is Shakira Gatlin? Dancing Doll Shakira Gatlin Passed Away What Happened To Her Dancer’s Death Confirmed By Mom! Unfortunately, many people are mourning the sudden demise of Shakira Gatlin. As all of us know that she was a part of the dance group Dancing Dolls for Life (DD4L). Not only this, but some sources claimed that she was just 18 years old at the time of her unfortunate death. The unfortunate news of her death has been confirmed by her mother on Facebook. Some sources claimed that she was shot dead and many people searched to confirm the reason behind her heartbreaking passing. So far, the police investigation on this topic has been started and they are continuously finding some clue on this matter.

What Happened To Shakira Gatlin Of Dancing Dolls For Life?

Who Is Shakira Gatlin

Now, Jackson Police officials claimed that the dancer has been killed at Barnes Street in Jackson in the United States of America. Not only this, but the officials also confirmed that the girl has been passed away on Thursday at around 8.50 PM. Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham Stewart said it took a single shot when a ‘loaded handgun’ was misfired in the presence of others. Along with it, the police also questioned a Juveline boy in connection with this incident in which a girl has been shot to death.

Dancing Doll Shakira Gatlin Death Cause

Later, her mother took to Facebook to announce this heartbreaking news. She shared a picture of Shakira on her Facebook account and express her grief. The name of her mother is Erica Robinson. Erica Robinson expressed her shock and anger at this and asked why this happened. She shared that she had also ‘buried’ her daughter too, after laying to rest her husband and said, ‘They deserve to live.’ The incident that happened to the girl was very heartbreaking and everyone mourning her unfortunate demise. Let us also tell you that Shakira’s father Derrick Robinson had passed away in September.

Shakira also took to social media on the occasion of the birth anniversary of his father last month and she wrote “happy heavenly birthday dad I love and miss you to the fullest ik u watching ova we n imma do all I can to make sure we all good I promise @derrick Robinson”. Now, the girl Shakira Gatlin also passed away in an incident and her mother is totally devastated to face two heart-wrenching losses within a year. Our deepest condolences to her family members and friends who faced a very difficult time. We will update our page with fresh details when we get any.


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