Currently, a name coming into the headlines, Shadman. He is a popular YouTuber who is best known for making adult art and inappropriate webcomics. It is not the only reason through which he is getting much popularity on the internet. As he has been accused of knocking someone with a deadly weapon.

Swiss YouTuber drew pornographic art of his own mom

The real name of Shadman is Shaddai Prejean who is 31 years old. He is highly popular in the web community and better known for his comic art on Loli and Elasticgirl. Along with it, he has been criticized by netizens for drawing some adult images of his own mother.

Who is Shadman’s mother?

Let us also tell you that he create a website in 2009 and later he created a YouTube channel in 2010 where he constantly post his content. His career was going on and the number of followers continuously increased. Currently, Shadman is arrested and becomes the talk of the town.

Several people talking about the inappropriate content of his own mother. Even after the arrest of Shadman, the number of people joining to talk about him is continuously increasing at a genuine rate. At present, Twitter is filled with uncounted tweets with a hashtag pointing to Shadman and his work.

Talking about the tweets shared by the users, one user wrote “Every time someone mentions Shadman, I honestly getting a flashback of him drawing porn of his own mother as a mother’s day gift, then his pornographic drawings of real kids”.

Another user point to Shadman and wrote “In addition to the pedophilia and in the in-general asswipery, you can also cite Shadman for drawing porn of his mother, which is like, beyond disgusting”. Countless tweets are surfacing about the incident of Shadman’s arrest but we think whatever happened to the artist is absolutely right as it is clearly not appropriate to draw an adult portrait of his mother.

Along with this, some users on Twitter also claimed that he is addicted to heroin and does everything under the influence of drugs. Let us also tell you that he grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, and studied in an art school. Among several other controversies, Shadman has been also accused to drew a vulgar art of Dafne Keen who is just 12 years old.

Now, many people talking about him and his inappropriate work through which youngsters get false indications and wrong lessons. The Arrest of Shadman is absolutely correct and millions of people are supporting his arrest.


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