A tik tok video is going viral on social media because of which, the netizens are trying to find out the video. Well, the video has become a hot topic on social media and everyone is investigating the video. Let us tell you that a video of a tik tok user @sandx.lop who is a fan of football has gone viral on social media.

sand.x lop video viral

Her video went viral after she was caught on live television during a football match. According to recent sources, the video was recorded during the football match between Wake and Duke on October 31, 2021. The girl was unaware at the time that she was being recorded on a camera.

Who Is Sandx.lop TikTok?

Since the video went viral on the Internet, most people are searching for the video and maybe, the girl has also been identified. The video has gained massive popularity on social within a single night. If you want to know more about her, go ahead. Her account is named @sandx.lop on tik tok.

As per the Internet sources, the girl has around 80 followers on her tik tok account. Now, it seems that her followers is about to increase as netizens are attracted to her. It sounds weird but social media users show their interest in these kinds of viral videos.

Well, the real name of the girl has also been identified as Sandra who is going popular by her tik tok name @sandx.lop. Most of the people don’t about the incident so, let us tell you that Sandra is seen trying to kiss her date. But, unfortunately, the couple suddenly turns away from each other after knowing that they are captured on a live video recording. Later, the video went viral on social media and it caught lots of attention of users. Sandra is a 23-years-old girl.

Sandra New Date Video Viral On Social Media

After the incident took place, she took the support of her tik tok account and posted a video in which she mentioned her new date. She also mentioned that whenever they tried to kiss each other, it was like a joke for each other. Always, they turn away from each other. Along with this, she also mentioned that her dad also saw that video on social media.

The girl was embarrassed by the video but most of the netizens found it entertaining. It did not take much to become a Reddit discussion. While her video also went viral on Twitter, and Instagram as well. Many people supported them while some of them call it meme material. You can also find her on Instagram @sandx.lop.


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