Many big personalities have been going viral because of their controversies and netizens are searching for the reason behind the attention which are they gaining. Currently, an author, Sandra Ntonya, and a popular rugby player have been trapped into a big controversy and maybe, there is no way for them to get out of this.

Who Is Sandra Ntonya

According to the sources, a well-known author, Sandra Ntonya has been arrested with an England rugby union player after he was suspected of raping a teenager.

Who Is Sandra Ntonya?

Since the last day, the name of the rugby player and author has become a topic of discussion on the Internet and everyone is keen to know about them. Basically, they both have been trapped in a scandal.

Along with this, the rugby player also admitted that Sandra is a prostitute and she reveals that he is one of her clients who brought the victim back to her home for a physical relationship. So, let’s find out the real story behind this and how did it happen? If you want to know about them, keep reading this article.

Well, Sandra Ntonya is a 41-years-old author and known for her work among the communities. She admitted that she is a high-class sex worker who charges a fee to spend hours with clients. She also told her charges as EUR160 per hour. She operates everything from her home in the Gorton area of the city.

She spent her childhood in Malavi, Africa to a ruthless father known as Idli Amin. With her growing age, she got freedom just like a fairy tale. In the age of twenties, she filled herself with lots of dreams and challenges. He moved to England for achieving her dreams and gained huge respect because of her talent. Currently, she had been living with her son, Alfred in Manchester.

Why Was Sandra Ntonya Arrested?

According to the reports, she was arrested after being involved in a $exual assault to a girl by her client who is a 29-years-old Rugby player. She also revealed that the player met the victim in a Manchester nightclub where she was celebrating her 18th birthday.

Later, the player called Ntonya to inform that he is coming with the teenager back to home. Ntonya said that she did not want to be involved in this matter but the player forced her. The girl told officers that she was sexually assaulted. Police arrested a 29-years-old rugby player on this matter. The name of the player has not been disclosed yet. Stay tuned for more updates.



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