A women was found dead and her Tik Tok star friend left critically injured. A report said that the incident occurred while the they were watching the newest film of the dystopian slasher horror titled ‘The Forever Purge’ in a California movie theatre on Monday. A woman has been identified as Rylee Goodrich who was 18 years old. She died from a shooting when no one was inside the theatre heard. Goodrich’s friend took her to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. He has been identified as Anthony Barajas who is quite famous on TikTok.

Rylee Goodrich Shoot Dead

Who is Anthony Banaras?

The news has been disclosed months after the shooting outside a Times Square theatre where three people got injured including a four-years-old girl. A few weeks ago a man was shot dead by cops when they acted with a fake gun at them.

California boy Aiden Leo’s was also shot in cold-blooded murder in a case of road rage all that long ago. In Goodrich and Barajas’s case, police was able to identify who shot them of the motive behind the shooting.

The 19-years-old TikTok celebrity is currently on the ventilator after being shot at while watching the 09:30 pm. The incident has happened in the screening of the horror at the Regal Edwards Corona crossing movie theatre.

Rylee Goodrich Death Video Explained

Banaras has almost a million followers on the social media platform and 34.3 million likes as well. Banaras brags of a solid 41,700 followers and is popular for his shirtless selfies and dimpled smile.

The TikTok start and his friend Goodrich was found by the staff who was supposed to clean up after the shooting was completed. They said that no one heard the gunshot during the actual movie time. I know that we have security bags that we used to check daily and I am sure that we just missed it. Banaras’s friend Rylee Goodrich was killed in the shooting that occured when they were watching the Purge movie in the theatre.

Who Shot Banaras and Goodrich?

In an investigation, they are not sure whether the killer escaped from the place or whether the shooting was a case of murder-suicide. Police said that there were six people watching the film at the time of the shooting. Corona Police department Tobias Kouroubacalis told a local CBS outlet. At some point, the employees were walking inside the theatre to clean up or that’s when the 911 call was placed.

There was an unknown problem who was bleeding and there was some information already given. They were looking for the evidence that they have given one direction or another. They said that we are working in the blind. If they find any lead, they hope of identifying the person. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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