The suicide case of women police officer Rupa Tirkey from Sahibaganj has made everyone think about it. Rupa Tirkey found hanging in her government quarters on 3rd May. She was living there with her batchmate Manisha Kumari and Jyotsana Mahato. Manisha has given her statement to the police that she lived with Rupa in the same flat and on 3rd May when she returned late to her flat, she knocked Rupa’s room but she didn’t respond for an hour. She informed the police and they found Rupa’s body hanging with a fan in her room The police officers informed her family and sent her body to the autopsy.

Rupa Tirkey Suicide Or Murder

The news is popping on social media that why a women police officer will commit suicide. While investigating the case, the police have found an audio clip where Rupa is talking to a young man who is trying to console her as he identified that something’s wrong and she can take any inappropriate step. He tries his best to change her mind from taking any wrong step in those conditions. The police have found another audio where she is talking to a man about her personal life. More information has not disclosed by the police.

Rupa’s mother has filed a complaint against Manisha Kumari and Jyotsana and she accused them to murder Rupa. The police have found Rupa’s body in a bad condition and they are investigating from Manisha and Jyotsana. Rupa’s mother gave a statement that their daughter being harassed by her batchmates and she has a complaint about it several times but n actions have taken. Rupa called her mother on Monday around  03:00 pm and she told her mother that she drank water that smells like medicine is mixed in it. Rupa’s mother is assured that she cannot commit suicide and someone planned to kill her. The first kill her and then hanged her body on the fan.

Rupa’s death also left her batchmate shocked as she was a girl who has never shared anything which troubled her in the government flats. The executive Magistrate Mr Sanjeev Kumar has taken the charge of this case in the absence of Deputy Commissioner Mr Ramnivas Yadav and he has started an investigation on the case. Dr. Ranvijay and Md. Iqbal has completed the autopsy processor in the presence of Rupa’s parents then they took her body to Ranchi to perform the final rites. The investigation will be continued till the police find the culprit. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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