During Black History Month, we’ll look at the numerous achievements of black individuals in American history, including the work of Ruby Bridges. Talking about her contribution to the fights for civil rights, her contribution began when she was just 6-year-old. Let us also tell you that she was one of the first black students to attend a historically white school.

ruby bridges

Along with it, she joined the school when segregation was still openly practiced. America has a troubled (and persistent) history of separation between whites and people of color. The situation of America at an early stage was worsened as the difference between whites and blacks clearly shows that blacks were treated worse than whites.

Who Is Ruby Bridges?

Ruby Bridges was one of the first to break down the proverbial wall, and she resumes her legacy to this day. After she gets historical achievement in American schools, Ruby Bridges has become a well-known and proficient philanthropist and activist. Not only this, but she very well maintains her name and fame in the world.

Then, she founded the eponymous Ruby Bridges Foundation in 1999 to raise her family of four sons. Talking about some famous words of Ruby, she said “Racism is an adult disease. Let’s stop using our kids to spread it”.

She worked a lot for her community as she want to finish the discrimination between white and black people. In 2005, she helped the authorities to keep schools in New Orleans open after the area totally devastated because of Hurricane Katrina.

What Is the Activist up to Now?

Along with it, she also won numerous awards for her literary work and advancement of activism. As per some sources, Ruby is still running her foundation just because she wanted to provide children with a safe and healthy learning environment. She still lives in New Orleans.

Along with it, Ruby Bridges also proves that nobody is too young to create history. The Supreme Court case called a conclusion to end segregation in public schools, and Ruby was one of the first black children to join a historically segregated school in New Orleans.

At the time, Louisiana as a full was against the inclusion of equivalency in the classroom, so Ruby did her job for her. Now, just because of her intelligence and nature to help others, she become widely prominent all around the world. She worked a lot to finish the discrimination between white and black people.


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