Here we will talk about Ronnie Spector, Fans are curious to know if Louis Phillip Spector is the son of American singer Ronnie Spector if not so what’s the relation between them. Ronnie Spector was a famous singer in America well known for the 1987 hit album titled “Love on a Rooftop” (Columbia 38-07300). She was a brilliant and outstanding singer of PoP-rock genres. Ronnie Spector was a member as well of the group called the girl group the Ronettes, assembled in 1957 with her elder sister Estelle Bennett and their cousin Nedra Talley. Here are several things for discussing, you are on the right page for knowing the information about their relation, here we will find out their relation with some valid points. Let’s continue the article, Keep reading.

Who Is Ronnie Spector Son Louis Phillip Spector? Wife Name Biography Net Worth And Career

Ronnie did great work in her field, she gave various hit albums to the music industry such as “The Best Part of Breaking Up” (1964) “Walking in the Rain (1964) ” Baby, I Love Your” (1963), and more. Let’s come to Phillip Spector according to 2022, Louis Phillip Spector doesn’t have a biography covered on the Wikipedia page. Nonetheless,  he has appeared in some articles and news portals. However, Louis Phillip’s mother Ronnie Spector has a profile on the Wikipedia site. His mather Phil Spector’s biography is also mentioned on the mainstream site. Phil Spector was a famous American record producer, musician, and songwriter. we can take an idea about Louis Phillip’s early life details from Phil Spector’s available Wikipedia profile.

Who Is Ronnie Spector Son

If we try to find out his net worth, Louis Phillip Spector must have good worth, which can be in millions from his respective professional. So Louis Phillip Spector is a private person, he doesn’t like to share his personal information socially, therefore are no sufficient details about him. But now this is clear he is the son of Ronnie Spector. Sadly, Ronnie Spector is no more with us, she died at the age of 78 on 12 January 2021. She was suffering from cancer. That was a very tragic moment for his family and for her fans too.

Louis Phillip Spector is the son of Ronnie Spector and her ex-husband Phil Spector. His age is 55 years old now, and he was born on 12 May 1966 in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, United States. Let us tell you the biggest news, Louis and his twin brother, Gray Phillip Spector was adopted kids by singer, Ronnie Spector, and the famous musician Phil Spector on Christmas. That was a beautiful moment for them, and it is clear both were good parents. As we told Louis phillip doesn’t like to share his personal life on media, that’s why we have not so much inforamtion about him. We have shared on the details in this article, which we have. Stay tuned for more updates.


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