Recently, a famous celebrity Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has been trending on the internet. Yes, he is a very prominent TV personality who is well-known for his role in Jersey Shore. Now, the news of his leaving Jersey Shore Season 5 coming to the fore. Many people speculate on different reasons behind his quit but the official statement is here provided.

Why Was Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Arrested

Let us tell you that he left the show to focus on his mental health and his co-stars also supported him in this decision. Apart from this, some reports linked this incident to his domestic violence case. So, the famous actor has become the talk of the town.

Who Is Ronnie Ortiz-Magro?

If we focus on the rumors that surfaced on different social media platforms then Magro was arrested on 22nd April 2022 in Los Angeles, CA. Let us tell you that he was charged for suspicion of intimate partner violence with injuries and with priors. But, he was released on the same day by paying an amount of $100,000 for his bail.

Later, the reports confirmed that the star was not charged with a felony. After that, the actor also took to Instagram and opened up about the experience that he felt during this incident in his life.

Magro said “I take all experiences as lessons. You learn who really cares about you when your [sic] down and out and than [sic] you see who doesn’t! But I guess they call it the weeding process. Thank you to my real friends who haven’t left my side and haven’t betrayed me”.

Why Was Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Arrested?

Let us also tell you that Jersey Shore Season 5 has premiered on 6th January 2022 on MTV but Ortiz-Magro only appeared in the first episode. He won’t feature in further episodes of the series. So, many people talking about him because he quit the show.

Fellow associates of Jersey Shore are backing Ortiz-Magro’s conclusion because they suppose they need a pause. Another star of Jersey Shore named Jenni “JWoww” Farley said “I think he handled it the way that he should have by taking his time to get his mental health right, to go through the process and deal with everything that he needed to deal with”.

Recently, the reality star has also shared a picture of his daughter Ariana who is now 3 years old. So, if you want to know some more details related to this matter then you just need to stay on the same page.


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