The Uttar Pradesh police have arrested the key accused of the Aligarh hooch incident on Sunday. The people have confirmed that at least 35 lives are arrested in the early morning today. The Senior Superintendent of Police, Mr. Kalanidhi Naithani has said that accused Rishi Sharma caught near the Bulanshahr border in Western Uttar Pradesh. Police have to suspect those who have died after consuming the spurious liquor on two different occasions and the death toll has gone up to 100 as autopsy reports of 50 hooch consumers are yet to come. The reports have been sent to the laboratory for testing and will be confirmed by the police. Mr. Naithani said that the key accused “Rishi Sharma”

who is rishi sharma

has been arrested from near the Bulandshar border and this has been the major breakthrough the hooch incident”. The police have also set Rs.1 lakh reward on Rishi Sharma and arrested him today near the Bulandshahr border. An incident happened a few days back, where the police have arrested accused Vipin Yadav with Rs. 50,000 reward on his arrest. The brother of Rishi Sharma has received a bounty of Rs. 25,000 in the case. This statement has given by the SSP. From the last month, there were 17 FIRs has been registered in Aligarh

over the death of people after consuming spurious liquor. There are 61 people who found guilty in this case and arrested by Aligarh police. Rishi Sharma is also a supporter of the BJP and working for the last few years. The police have started an investigation over the case and their teams are divided in the different areas of Uttar Pradesh. They have stated that they investigating in six states since the case came to the light when the liquor mafia also started their work in Aligarh. The police found nine dead bodies on Friday near Rohera village in the Jawan area.

They sent the body for autopsy and find that the cause of death was consuming spurious liquid. Then an FIR register on Friday in Aligarh’s Kodiyagunj village and the same liquor that was found in the Rohera village dead bodies was found in autopsy reports. The first case in Aligarh was registered on 28th May when 10 people were killed by the liquor and then the report of 35 people died with the same liquor was registered in Aligarh police station. The police have already started interrogating Rishi Sharma. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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