There is a big personality name coming out of the station who has been arrested for being embroiled in a pedophilia scandal. CNN producer Rick Saleeby has been arrested in this scandal and the reports were given by Project Veritas. He is one of the most popular renowned TV personalities and CNN producer is now currently making big headlines on the Internet because of his current scandal.

Who is Rick Saleeby

According to the sources, his name has been involved in the Pedophile scandal. Now, the personality’s name has become a big topic on social media and fans have been talking about this.

Fox News reported that Rick Saleeby recently resigned from his post after he was involved in sexual misconduct. The leaked video from the controversial conservative watchdog group named Project Veritas. Not only this but the name of the celebrity was revealed by Projects Veritas after ensuring the family involvement in this was safe.

Many people are searching for him and want to know each and everything about this incident. Currently, Rick’s name is capturing a big attention on social media and everyone wants to know that what was the actual reason behind his arrest and why he was arrested by police?

Who Is Rick Saleeby? CNN Producer Arrested

Let us tell you that Rick is a member of CNN who has been a part of this company for many years. He is also serving as a senior producer for the Lead with Jake Trapper as well. He is a popular celebrity but his Wikipedia is not available on the Internet but his small biography is also available on several pages. Currently, his name is the talk of the town now.

According to the sources, Stave Brusk was also accused in the month of October this year after flirting with his female employee at social gatherings. He put his arms around the female staff and toucher her leg allegedly. It was believed at the time that he was flirting with her and it was revealed by Rick Saleeby.

CNN Producer Rick Saleeby Arrested and Scandal Explored

As per the sources, he is also known as pedo in the line of media. Now, he has been exposed by Project Veritas after knowing that he is involved in the pedophile scandal. Now, many Twitter users and media are reacting to the arrest of Rick. Many users are taking support of social media and spreading hate and negative messages on Twitter.

Well, the age of the star has not been disclosed but he must be around 45 to 50 years old. According to the sources, the details of Rick’s family including his wife and children are kept suspicious at the time. But he is probably a married man.


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