Who Is Richard Goodall? Indiana School Janitor Video Viral On TikTok And Twitter: Nowadays a man is getting fame and stardom on social media since a video of him went viral. However, we have also witnessed the same kind of case in the past few months but this time the man who got viral is a janitor. The viral janitor is identified as Richard Goodall who works at an Indiana Elementary School. What he has done and why his video is getting so much popular over there? According to the source, the janitor getting popular for his moving performance. Yes, the ongoing viral video is a moving performance of Richard Goodall. How would you react if we tell you that even Steve Perry also has given him a shoutout for his viral video? We have a lot to discuss regarding the viral video of Richard Goodall. Kindly scroll down the page for more details. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Richard Goodall Video

Who Is Richard Goodall?

Richard Goodall performed on a hit song titled Don’t Stop Believing, a hit song by singer Steven Perry. This is the reason Steven Perry also gave a shoutout to Richard Goodall. The viral video has gone enough viral as it has also attracted the attention of Steven Perry, this is the reason Steven gave a shoutout to the Janitor for his incredible performance. Steven Perry is the original singer of the song Don’t Stop Believin and he also penned the lyrics of the song. Scroll down for more details.

Richard Goodall Video Viral on Twitter

Richard Goodall is a 53 years old man who works at an Indiana Elementary School and he is from Terre Haute, Indiana. However, Richard Goodall works custodial duty for the Davis Park Elementary School located in Indiana. As per the source, Richard Goodall is working for the Vigo County School Corporation for the last 20 years. When did Richard Goodall perform on Don’t Stop Believin? Get more about this in the next section.

Richard Goodall Viral Video

According to the source, students and staff of the elementary school were celebrating the 5th-grade graduation. Furthermore, when the celebration was about to end the teachers of the school requested Richard Goodall to come on the stage and sing a song for them. This was the moment when students start recording him while he was singing. According to the report, Richard Goodall is also a father. Richard Goodall said, “I plugged in Don’t Stop Believin and I just started singing and that’s what it was”. Stay tuned.


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