Here a piece of news is getting viral on social media, Revy_55 posted the Maggot video which is getting viral on Twitter. This news has been circulated on the web in a speedy manner. In a viral video, a woman gets maggots in her intimate parts while in an improper position with someone.

Who Is Revy_55

An internet video editing program has been used, the movie promoted controversy about “whether the girl was alive” when it was captured or it was a work of fiction. Here are several things for telling about the viral news why it has been a controversy. You are on the right page for getting the right information. We will find out the entire matter in this article. Keep reading.

Who Is Revy_55?

The unknown person published a video on Twitter a few weeks ago, and it become like a wildfire. The video was reposted by individuals such as thatgurlgg1, Santososgerio, @tmzbaltimore, and many more. Nevertheless, their account has been suspended and the video was taken from the platform.

The report is, Video has started to spread again on the internet. The video clip, which was taken down from Twitter, portrays a female with a serious STD(disease). The girl’s health is so bad that maggots (worms) emerge from her.

Revy is 55 years old woman who is getting viral after sharing an indecent video. The user’s identity and details have yet to be disclosed. Revy has had 2391 followers since joining the platform in 2019.

Santosogerio Revy_55 Twitter Full Video Explained!

The majority of his posts are offensive and she has been criticized by people. according to the available report, the majority of netizens believe that the original video was shared by the user @thatgulgg1.

Nevertheless, the account of this user has been suspended, and many people are tagging him and criticizing him. This footage is that she’s seen doing a private act with another man. The video of the Twitter Maggot is so terrible that most individuals who viewed it are criticizing the video.

This is very bad content for the community, it spreads the wrong message to others. We advise as well not to watch it since it is offensive and you may not enjoy the content. This video has been gained so much controversy from the public.

These types of content spread negativity on social media. We have shared all the details about the news, If we get anything in the future about this, we will tell you first at the same sight. Stay connected for more updates.


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