A woman has been arrested from Crockett, Texas for allegedly offering around $500K to buy a baby at Walmart. According to the sources, the incident is called the Bizarre incident where a 49-years-old woman has been arrested by police in this matter.

Who Is Rebecca Taylor

Along with this, the reports suggest that Rebecca Taylor contacted a fellow woman shopper at a Walmart store near her house when both of them were waiting on the self-checkout queue. On the other side, another woman is carrying her one-year-old baby, whose blonde hair and blue eyes were praised by Rebecca Taylor.

Who Is Rebecca Taylor?

In the beginning, the mother of the baby was not worried but when Taylor asks about the cost of a baby, she got shocked. Later, Taylor gave some attractive offers to buy the child. The incident took place at Crockett, Texas. Later, the mother also added that Taylor was not alone as there were other women with her and they both entered the Walmart together.

Later, Taylor was arrested by police when the baby’s mother alerted the police. Taylor was arrested with the allegation of selling and buying the child and she was held at the Houston County Sheriff’s office.

Later, Taylor was released on $50,000 USD bond. Not only this but the same incident also took place in Kendall, Florida in 2020 where a newborn baby was also offered to sell for $500. The mother also added that at first, Taylor casually asks the price of the baby.

Why Was Rebecca Taylor Arrested?

Mother thought that she had to joke and laughed at Taylor’s comment when she offered her $250,000. Taylor said that she has money in the car and right now, she is serious to buy this child along with another woman.

The mother waited for those two women to leave the Walmart but when she reached to the parking lot, they both were waiting for her there. Taylor also yelled at her and increased the offer of $500,000 and was waiting for her response. Later, Taylor and the other woman went from there.

Later, Police got CCTV footage that was similar to the mother’s complaint. After the incident, Taylor was arrested by police, and now, she was released on bond. The police is still investing the case to know more about Taylor and her intentions over the baby. The details of the Mother and baby were not revealed for security reasons. On the other side, many details of Taylor were not shared by the police. Stay tuned for more updates.


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