There is shocking news that comes to our knowledge and we want to discuss some important things related to Rahul Gupta. He is currently trending in news headlines and you can check all the details completely here. Rahul Gupta is a convicted murderer of his friend, Mark Waugh.

Who Is Rahul Gupta Today

There are many things here related to the case and according to us, you should read these details if you are a little interested to know the case. Stay with us and get all the updates briefly.

On the basis of reports Rahul Gupta verdict has been already come in the year 2015. But now you may be amazed to know that why the news hit the headlines.

The available details say that because of the strangeness among the people the case is still hit the headlines and people started reading about it because previously the case never got such attention in news media.

In the last 48 hours the Mark Waugh murder case getting so much attention and we are looking for any updates and the latest details about the case that we can tell our reader through this article.

After when the news went into the headlines there were many people from netizens came on the internet and shared the different details related to the news. Most probably you will know all the information briefly in the upcoming few moments.

Talking about the current status of the case then we want to tell you that the verdict has already come. Now Rahul Gupta is in the prison completing his imprisonment. He is in the eyes of law.

Now comes to the ex-girlfriend then we want to tell you that his ex-girlfriend Taylor Gould has so stayed away from media attention. The remaining details about her ex-girlfriend are not available right now and we will update later. Talking about his age and personal details then here is the information available.

When the murder occurred on October 12, he was 25 years old. However, the insiders into his birth date are still into consideration. Gupta is of Indian origin and was a biomedical student at the mishappening.  Along with all the details we want to say that the final verdict of his case took 4 1/2 hours to conclude.


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