A piece of news came from New Delhi, People who are not able to speak properly face challenges in making a person who is not able to understand sign language. In an offer to make their lives easier and more comfortable, the AI model has been created by Delhi-based engineering student Priyanjali that can understand gestures.

Who Is Priyanjali Gupta wiki-bio

If we tell you about a student who is studying at Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu, Priyanjali is pursuing her engineering degree. Here are several things for telling you about the news. You are on the right page for getting the right information. We will tell you all the details in this article. Let’s continue the article, keep reading.

Who Is Priyanjali Gupta?

Priyanjali’s mother works as a lecturer at Delhi Unversity and her father works at spice jet. In an intersection with DNA Hindi, Priyanjali explained that she has motivated because her mother had motivated her to be an engineer and innovate for the batter.

“nowadays several people are doing several startups, and they are doing innovation, you are engineering learners or student as well, People also do something”, her mom said her when she had come to her home in Delhi. Scroll the page for getting more information.

A student Priyanjali, who is 20 years old, had observed the Alexa device used as people speak and gives the commands to the Alexa device and Alexa takes commands when a user speaks. She realized that for those people who can not hear and are not able to speak, the Alexa device is not useful for these people.

“that’s where the idea of making an AI model came to her mind and She started working on it,” explained by her. She started working on the idea in February 2021. She started her project again in January and Internet helped her a lot.

“She said she did not any help or guidance from any individual. She kept awake for three consecutive nights to bring this model to the final stage.” At present, the project which has been made by an Engineering student can understand six signs- Hello, Thank you, Please, No, Love you, Yes.

As the model is in its early stages, it will definitely take time to make it fully functional. She needs a better platform at this time and she needs guidance as well to make the model better. We have shared all the information in this article which we had. Stay tuned for more updates.


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