Who Is Premier League Player Arrested? EPL Player Barnet Arsenal Arrested: The football community has been rocked by one more controversy as an international footballer got arrested for being accused of rape. The entire community is in great shock by the news of a Premier League international footballer’s arrest. And it is not surprising enough to us as various stories are evolving on the internet right now. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

premier league footballer arrested who is it

Who Is Premier League Player Arrested?

Football fans have been perplexed and curious to learn who is the footballer or what is the name of the footballer who is facing rape allegations right now. If you are also seeking the detail of the arrested footballer then this article will help you to find out who can be the man. Is there any report that revealed the identity of the Premier League footballer? Fetch the further details in the next sections.

The news of the Premier League footballer’s arrest was first shared by Telegraph Sport on the internet. According to Telegraph Sport, the footballer was taken in the custody after arresting in North London. And he is facing serious allegations of rape if the footballer will be found guilty then he can face a long sentence. Is there any report that revealed the identity of the footballer who is currently in the custody of the respective authority?

Why was Premier League Player Arrested?

No, there is no report available right now that can help in knowing the name of the Premier League footballer. But we found that the arrested footballer is in his late 20s right now and he is facing the repercussions of an incident that happened last month. Following the arrest of the Premier League footballer, Scotland Yard released a statement to confirm the arrest of an international footballer who was detained in North London. Scroll down the page for further details.

EPL Player Barnet Arsenal Arrested

As it is a matter of a high-profile footballer’s image the respective authority has maintained privacy in this case and kept his identity secret. It seems that the Premier League footballer’s identity will be kept secret till the investigation does not get to a conclusion. The Met Police stated that the rape of a woman in her 20s allegedly happened in June 2022. The statement also revealed that the high-profile athlete was held at a location in Barnet for being accused of raping a woman. Currently, the Premier League international footballer is being interrogated and questioned. Stay tuned to this page for more details and updates.

We have got this news that a premier league football player is arrested for raping a girl. We know you will get shocked after reading the headlines of this article but this is true news and the fans of football got disheartened after hearing this news. This man at the age of 28 did this crime and has been arrested by police in North London as said by Telegraph Sport. This news is also confirmed by Scotland Yard which released an official statement that he is now under custody.  The player’s name cannot be revealed due to some legal reasons but we will share other details related to this news.

This all started with a complaint which was registered by a woman who was in her 20s registered a complaint against him the police started their investigation and they found that the player was present in the Barnet at the time of that incident and police also found the camera recording of him entering the hotel and the girl was also presented there. Though he tried to make them wrong because of the proof they gathered against him. He also tried to run away but the police catch him in North London.

According to the information given by the police officer, they said that this football player had played many matches for the biggest league and is also popular this is why they can’t share his name as this can tarnish his image. As said by Telegraph he was going to be part of the upcoming World Cup which was going to be held in Qatar and people but now he can’t play this match as he is under custody for further investigation.

This news has shocked the people and this can create a bad image for these field players too and there will be a bad impact on the matches too. People are asking for the name of the player and the victim’s family is also asking for the high punishment given to him. This news is now getting more controversial and people love this game and its players if they came to know about the player’s name the fans will also regret it as many people make them their role models. We have gathered this much information on this news but we will surely update you with more of it. Till then stay connected with us for more latest updates.


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