Pina Auriemma getting into trends suddenly and people want to know about her. Most people want to know that is still alive or dead? so here are the complete details. Available reports say that she has been sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to the murder of her husband.

Is Pina Auriemma Still Alive

Now she is again in the news media and social media trends. The case happened in the year 1995. So let begin the complete news and we want to tell you all the information briefly.

Is Pina Auriemma Still Alive?

She is a former Tv psychic and close friend of Patrizia who had a major suspect in Maurizio death. The death of her husband was shocking for all the people. The relatives and neighbors were shocked to know the whole incident. After the investigation, she was the main suspect of the case and was then sentenced to prison.

Now the people are curious to know whether she is alive or not then in this regard we want to share that she is alive and absolutely fine. Pina Auriemma is still alive. There is a big update related to her that she has been in prison for a while now.

Reportedly, she has appeared in Discovery+documentary that she regrets being involved in the crime and that she has not sought out Patrizia since their imprisonment. She revealed many things about the incident and how was her prison time.

There is a documentary has already available. The documentary is titled Lady Gucci in 2020 where she revealed that Parizia felt “humiliated” after Maurizio left her for another reason. If you want to watch the documentary then you can watch it on the platform Discovery plus.

When she was sentenced to prison she was just 25 years old and the Pina served 13 years of prison because of her role in the murder of her husband. Now talking about her net worth and her age right now. Then in this regard, we want to share the details that Pina Auriemma is 72 years old and her birthday was on December 2. Currently, she has around 1.47 million dollars.

She is the talk of the time, these days now you must have got to know that why she is the headline of the news, you must have got the required info, for more latest update keep visiting this site, we will be right back with the new post on the same page, if you want to stay updated, stay connected with us.


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