A can filled in December 2021 got a lead because of the group of hikers. Yes, the family of Paola Miranda-Rosa has reported her missing to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. Now, the investigation is going on and millions of people are waiting to know the result of this matter. Let us tell you that the reports claimed that the girl is 31 years old.

Paola Miranda-Rosa

Now, The footage may be the key to Rosa’s fate, as it is her last known scene. Police have now released the video to the public, hoping more individuals can identify her and help the police officers to connect the dots.

Who Is Paola Miranda-Rosa?

There are several people who are missing whom the police are searching. Not every case is remaining to be solved. Yes, some cases are so mysterious and this seems the same. The police officers and authorities are constantly investigating the case and trying to find some more clues related to the whereabouts of Rosa.

Even the police got the footage of her last location, they have treated the case as a missing person. This indicates that the police believe that Rose is still alive and secure.

As of January 5, 2022, The Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office, along with the AGG Marine Deputy, have now cordoned off Wekiva Springs Park in hopes of finding Rosa. The police officers are thankful for the tip that appears to have the major lead. Unfortunately, officers note that Rosa has bipolar disorder and has threatened to harm herself in the past.

It’s indistinct whether those threats have anything to do with her last-known place, but her family says she hasn’t until recently. As of now, the police officers are going to initiate the major search of the last location of Rosa which is Wekiva Springs Park.

Missing Florida Woman Seen Swimming in River

Now, the investigation has begun and many people are extremely waiting to watch what will happen next. When the footage come to the fore, the family members of Rosa properly identified her and claimed that the girl appearing in the footage is Rosa.

So far, any information of her discovery has not arrived but we are sure that the police officers will find her as soon as possible. If you see any girl of 4 foot 10 (147 cm) and around 145 pounds (66 kg) with reddish-violet hair and brown eyes then please inform the police. Along with it, stay connected with us to know more information regarding such news and missing cases.


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