Here we are sharing news, origin player Oshae Jackson Tuiasau has been arrested by police. This news can be rumors or true as well. Oshae Jackson Tuiasau is a former state of an origin rugby player. He is known as a member of the 2015 under -20 Queensland Origin side, Tuiasau has been a professional player for Years. The Australian player had played for the 2019 season with gold Coast titans but has not been active on the game since 2020. There are many things for telling about his professional life. However his arrest issue is getting viral on social media, and people want to know about this, you are on the right page for knowing the information about this news, Here we will give you all the details regarding this.

Who Is Oshae Jackson Tuiasau

According to the report, Oshae Jackson Tuisau’s charges have been upgraded from severe bodily harm to unlawful striking causing death. South port Magisters court has granted bail with the strict condition. Tuiasau is now expected to attend the court hearing on Wednesday. The new south wales- native Toro George on December 19 at 4 a.m by Tuiasau. But the incident took a serious turn when George’s head was stuck on the concrete Pavement. The victim’s condition was serious after the incident the police had performed CPR on George for more than 8 minutes before rushing to the coma at Gold Coast University Hospital. The scene has been attended by police before the medical team, according to the report.

Police confirmed that George is no more, he passed away on Wednesday morning. He died at the gold Coast Unversity Hospital. Lets us tell you Oshe and Toro had an argument on December 18 at the nightclub. The former athlete smacked the victim on View. Some little fights can be very dangerous, People should clear their fights with maturity, not with anger.

If we talk about Oshae Jackson Tuiasau is 26 years old. He is responsible for the killing of Toro George although it was very bad news for the people. The victim was 39 has been punched by Oshae put straight into a Coma. George was living with his 2 kids, named Tyreece Tesaua George and Vasi George, and his wife’s name is Arden George. He is a part of Titans, Oshae had been a major player for North Devils, Multiple seasons had spent with the team Since 2017. Oshae honed his skills on the Townville Blackhawks for a Year. This was not a fair thing had done by him at any cost, you can’t kill someone Because of the stupid fight. If we get any updates, we will share you first. Stay connected with us.


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