Who Is North London Player Premier League footballer arrested? Suspicion Of Rape: Football has been in the limelight since there are lots of interesting things about the game as the game provides the players to play the game in varying degrees, and kick a ball for the scoring of their goal. The game of football has always been a topic to be discussed in the media, most of the time for its players and the forthcoming matches to be played, and now once again the game of football has covered the spotlight for one of its players, who allegedly committed the crime of raping a woman. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

premier league footballer arrested who is it

North London Player Arrested

On 4 July 2022, one of the footballers of the Premier League Internation was arrested by the Police of North London. The police have been hiding his identity considering the legal formalities. The police have not revealed the name of the footballer but they have confirmed that the football player is in his 20s, and was arrested by the police on the charges of rape. The police authority officers have shared to the media, that the football player raped a woman who is also in her age of 20s.

According to the statement issued by the Police, states that, on the 4th of July, a woman reported to the police about her rape by a footballer. The alleged victim told the police, that the football player had raped her in the month of June. According to the police, the football player is a well-known personality in the media, and this is the main reason they have not revealed the name of the alleged culprit. The police said the name of the alleged culprit will be revealed when the player is found to be guilty of committing rape on the alleged victim.

Premier League footballer arrested

One of the most famous football players and the unknown player was arrested by the police from his house in Barnet for the charges of rape. He was held in the custody and the Police are investigating the entire matter. According to the sources, the football player has played in a lot of international and national games of football, and soon he also decided to play in the forthcoming football World Cup in Qatar.

The news has been spreading rapidly on social media platforms, and there are a lot of speculations about different football players who are being subjected by the netizens for raping a woman. However, it can only be confirmed after the investigation takes place who is the real culprit, and where is the case of the unknown football player, for now, is heading.


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