After an officer of the Phoenix Police Department was injured in the shootout, the FBI and the Phoenix Police are investigating the case and finding the culprit behind this horrific incident. Along with this, the reward price for the suspect has grown to $35,000 as FBI agents join the search for the person who critically injured the police officer. According to the sources, the suspect has been identified as a 35-years-old who was involved in the shootout with Phoenix police that wounded one officer. The search of the suspect began on Friday.

Who Is Nicholas Cowan

Along with this, the department has announced the name of the person who is Nicholas Cody Cowan, 35, is considered armed and dangerous and was injured in Thursday’s shootout by the police. The incident took place at a gas station, said Phoenix Police on Friday. The injured officer, 1 24-years-old veteran of the Police Department was admitted to the hospital after the incident and now, “doing well” after his surgery went successfully on Thursday to remove a bullet, told police. The name of the officer has not been revealed yet but the source says that the officer was a female. Keep reading to know more about this incident.

Who Is Nicholas Cowan?

Well, the police are currently speaking with Cowan’s girlfriend regarding to the domestic violence with the woman and called to police when Cowan arrived at the gas station in his vehicle. One more officer approached to Cowan when he shot the female officer from inside his vehicle, said police. Another officer shot in return as Cowan continued shooting before he fled from the scene. Later, the Cowan’s car was identified as he had been driving.

Now, the FBI has bee grown the reward for those who will provide the information in the connection of Cowan. The incident exactly took place at a gas station near Cave Creek and Beardsley roads. A picture of Cowan has been distributed by the officials on Thursday that showed he has a tattoo on his neck, a brown mustache, and brown shoulder-length hair. Police also described him as he possibly bleeding although it is still unclear if he was injured in the shooting or not.

FBI Joins Search After Phoenix Officer Shot

Cowan was last spotted near Third Avenue and Greenway Road, said officials. Police asked people to call 911 if he was seen and advised against approaching him. Along with this, the witness offered a reward of $5,000 for anyone who will provide information that can create lead to the arrest of Cowan. While the FBI has added $25,000 and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosive added $5,000.


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